Saturday, April 7, 2012

Slacker Checking In

Be forewarned that this will be a boring and long winded post, but I have been busy the last couple of days and I want to document it!!
So I missed post yesterday and just made it to post today, only because I'm using the blogger app. I am about to fall asleep and have a bit of a stomach ache!
Yesterday was regular work and then hubs and I went to CVS, Target and two markets. We didn't even eat dinner until after 8, which is crazy late for us!
Today I actually got up and ran before work, I got 5 miles in! Then i headed to work again and it was SO busy, Easter is always crazy, but I was surprised by how busy today was. And to top it off I got stung by a wasp and it hurt like hell!!! After work I came home, we got little bitty, went to the market again and then little bitty an I baked an angel food cake while hubs mowed the lawn. I am a total spaz and didn't flip the cake over immediately and so it fell, ugh! So I tasted it (it was paleoish, but did have sugar). It tasted fine so I threw together another (which I may have burned slightly). I also made a salad, broccoli salad and cut veggies for snacks. Tasting the cake has given me a headache and a tummy ache, yuck!!
Now it is time to crash for the long ass day at work tomorrow!


  1. Kudos for getting this 5 miles in with ALL that going on. Hope things slow down soon.

  2. Nice work on sneaking in the 5 miles before work! It always feels so good to get a run in before work starts.

    And angel food cake is my favorite! My mom used to make me one every year for my birthday. Yeah, I remember the trick of setting it upside down when it's cooling.

    Happy Easter!