Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HUGE Wednesday Whine

Wednesday is my Saturday and it's usually glorious and today should have been even better because it's the first Wednesday that all the girls are out of school for summer. But alas, my job got in the way. I had to go to a 4 hour training, 4 hours (one way!) away. So my day was quite long and not spent doing fun things with the girls, boo!! The training was useful and in a pretty place and it's mandatory every year so I'm glad that's done for another 12 months.
I also started the day off pretty pooped! Yesterday little bitty was dropped off in the morning and promptly puked ALL OVER!! So, she and I stayed home until hubs got off work. There was no puke all day and then she came into our bed at 12:30 this morning and puked on hubs. She came in again during the night and we all got very little sleep. She's been fine all day today, so hopefully that's done and none of the other girls get it.
Since there was little sleep and a very long day ahead of me I didn't run this morning, which is kinda crappy since it's National Running Day. But, such is life. I'll run tomorrow.
I guess my whine wasn't so huge because that's all I've got. Life is good!


  1. Bummer you couldn't run today, but I couldn't either. I won't be able to run tomorrow so you can run at least 1 mile for me :-)

  2. Such a bummer of a day! I hope your little one is feeling MUCH better soon!!

  3. We have been dealing with a bug in our house too:( I hope she feels better soon and you are all able to get some good sleep.

  4. What a yuck of a day. I hope today was better. I hate the tummy bug. It just makes me queasy to think about.

  5. ugh- I'm sorry your day was long and no fun! Also sorry about the tummy troubles in the house- I hate that!