Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Eating Me

Nothing like waiting 3 days between posts and then forgetting pretty much everything you had planned to say!! I swear, I sit around thinking up posts and then when I get in front of the computer I go blank. I know that I wanted to talk about my half marathon training plan, my eating and just life in general; so I'll go with those things and hopefully while I'm typing the things that were funny or interesting I had thought of before will pop back up.

Running - I started a shortened version of Jeff Galloway's half marathon training plan for improved time this week. I had to cut the first few weeks since the next half I am running (and still haven't paid for...) is 8 weeks from last Sunday. I really want to get a faster time than Tinker Bell! My A plan is to run under 2:08, my B plan is to run under 2:11 (what I ran at Tink), and my C plan is to beat last week's half, 2:19. We will see how I'm feeling closer to the race and whether I end up modifying those plans. 
I'm also still doing my Blake Lively 4-week workout plan on, I'm on week 3. I am definitely enjoying it! I am not sure if I am going to start another plan when this one finishes or just do Jillian and FIRM DVDs on my cross training days until after the half.
I still am not 100% sure that the Larabars are going to be my best bet for fuel, so I may give raisins or other dried fruit on my long runs to see how that feels. It's hard to think of things to use and I'm not extremely creative in that area.

Eating - I have been eating paleo and no sugar for 17 days. I can honestly say that 99% of the time I don't crave or miss any of the things I'm not eating. But that 1% is rough!! I've always had mildly (and sometimes extremely) disordered eating so it is hard for me not to freak about restrictions sometimes. But I'm really enjoying eating clean and am loving the way I feel. I don't miss soda at all! I've also nearly given up chewing gum, which is huge! I am still chewing when running, it distracts me. We've cleaned up our eating as a family too, I haven't tried to cut all grains or milk or anything out of the girls diets, I'm just trying to make an effort to use very little pre-packaged food and make sure there are at least 1 fruit AND veggie with lunch and dinner and a fruit with breakfast. I'm also making better choices when I shop for their cereals and snacks (those things may not be the best foods, but we aren't ready to turn them upside down). Hubs is doing well on his style of paleo, he is a milk, cheese and peanut butter lover so he wasn't ready to let those go; and that is the cool thing about paleo, you make rules that work for you.
My favorite go to snacks are apples with almond butter, nuts, bell peppers with guacamole and Steve's Original goodies!

The yummiest "granola" bar!!

Amazing Jerky!!

Life in general - We've all been great. It seems like time really flies lately and there is hardly a minute to sit still! I can't believe it is almost April. I will be 33 next month, EEK!! Hubs and the girls planted (part) of their gardens this week so we've got veggies ready to grow, yum!
The girls are all well (knock on wood) and doing well in school. It is testing time right now so there is a lot of that during school, fun.
Not much out of the ordinary going on, just enjoying the coming of spring and time to be outside and play.


  1. Thanks for your comment today on a post that meant a lot to me...outside of running.

    I am equally guilty of coming up with 1000's of post ideas and so many go left unsaid but how on Earth are you managing paleo? You are remarkable and great job! Keep it up!

    1. So far the paleo isn't hard, although I'm not perfect, I don't buy 100% grass fed beef - it's really expensive to feed a family of six on $7 a pound meat (my gosh we ate 4 pounds of chicken breast last night at dinner!). And I don't buy all organic produce, again too expensive for a family of 6, but we do try to always do the dirty dozen. I think that after my Whole30 I will become an 85/15 paleo eater so that I have more leway, I enjoy cheese and sugar too much to be 100% forever!!

  2. i always forget what i want to write as soon as i sit down to post as well! sounds like you have a lot going on...but lots of good things! glad everyone is doing well :)

  3. Good...ummm....well, I forgot! Shoot!