Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Five

So my Thursday ended up being as busy as my Wednesday so I didn't get a post in. No big loss, let's get on with the 5 so I can go to bed.

1. I hadn't mentioned it yet but my bug ran a 5k (in the rain!) on St. Patrick's Day and got 3rd in her age group!

2. I rescued a baby goat at work last week, it was so sweet and I wanted to keep it!!

3. I had an order of Paleo snacks that were supposed to arrive today and they didn't make it before we left to comes stay the night at my parents and I'm super bummed!

4. I'm using the blogger app again tonight so if my pictures are in weird spots, that's why.

5. The big one! Tomorrow is half #2 an I'm feeling undertrained and nervous. I know I will finish, but I doubt it will be pretty!

Off to try to sleep now. I'll be back with a report tomorrow (or Sunday)

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