Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Things Thursday

If you're shocked that I'm actually posting two days in a row, you aren't the only one. But being homebound with a sick kiddo gives you lots of time to blog!!

1. Thank goodness we love our pediatrician. Little bitty will be going in for her second time this week and we saw her on Friday for mini me too. I really hate sitting in the waiting room with all of the other sick kids, I just know we're going to catch the plague to go along with whatever else already ails us!!

2. I am SO SO sad that Davy Jones died!! I used to watch The Monkees when I was little and "Daydream Believer" is one of my all time favorite songs. I fully cried about him dying yesterday and then I cried when I saw Mickey Dolenz on Today this morning because he looks so OLD and he was so sad. It's such a bummer! Then Jan Berenstain died this week too, we are major Berenstain Bear book lovers and this is a sad thing for readers!

3. I am so overtired from little bitty coughing all night that I'm a bit slap happy! And why is it that when you are overtired your body tells you you are hungry non-stop? And not hungry for good stuff, for bread and sugar?! What is that? Am I the only one that this happens to? I am especially craving these beauties

They are amazing and I have 4 left in a pack in the cupboard. If you haven't tried these and you like Oreos, go get them ASAP because they are a limited time offering for Oreos 100th birthday on March 6. The desire to gorge myself reminds me that I haven't gotten a workout in since we have been cleaning, washing, vacuuming and lysoling the whole house in order to try to get rid of some of the germs that are floating around. I may make today an impromptu rest day, but I'm so crabby and crazy feeling from being tired that I think skipping my endorphin rush might be a bad idea.

Bonus thought - Since I talked about cleaning I have to say how much I HATE washing the girls sheets, HATE IT!! I already hate laundry, it's my least favorite household chore for some reason, I also hate making beds. Add to this the fact that the girls have bunk beds and I feel as if I am in the third circle of hell (I don't remember much about Dante's Inferno so this may be the wrong circle). Then I get an even bigger bonus, which is that the big girls insist on squirreling away any and EVERY thing they don't want the little girls to touch on their top bunks and I have a huge mess. UGH!! 2 beds made, 2 to go...

Also, tomorrow is Dr. Seuss's birthday so make sure you wear something Seussesque and read some good books tomorrow.

Questions of the day - Do you love Dr. Seuss? Have you read The Lorax? Are you looking forward to the movie?

I adore everything Seuss (except I'm not a huge fan of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That...) and use The Lorax story a lot at work, but I'm not looking forward to the movie. The Lorax is one of my all time favorite kids books!!

This is the Lorax I know and LOVE!!

The old Lorax is amazing and follows the book, this seems like a silly off shoot. I am sure we will still watch/buy it on DVD, but I won't be rushing to the theatre, which is too bad.


  1. My body does the same thing-- thinks I'm starving all day long when I'm exhausted, I guess we crave sugar for the quick energy pick up. Love Dr Seuss, too!

  2. We all love Dr. Seuss! We read the sleep book every night before bedtime. Sandra Boynton is also a favorite of the B, but it leaves my husband and I scratching our heads in confusion at the end. Especially the book, But Not the Hippopotamus. Spoiler alert, what's with the armadillo that shows up in the very end? Seuss is the best for everyone's enjoyment.

  3. Those Oreos do look sinfully good! I am going to have to get some of those for after Lent :)

    I love that you have a little bitty, that is one of my daughter's nicknames :)

  4. First off, I totally agree about the waiting room. I feel like we need to go directly home and take a bath in Lysol! I am with you on the bunk beds. Changing sheets is a nightmare! Luckily my boys are out of the bunk beds and it is much easier to change their sheets:) I have never seen those Oreos! So much fun, but I started my no junk challenge today so none for me:( Hope everyone gets healthy soon and you can get your sweat on!

  5. How can these stars be so old and dying off when we're so, you know, young(ish) and vital??
    How have those cookies escaped me? Wait maybe it's better that way.
    Love Dr. S!

  6. I was so so sad about Davy too~ went home from work and put on my Monkees albums and said good bye my way. Annnnd Micky did look old?!? But still looked alot like himself - so I didn't cry about that one. Didn't you see my fb post about those oreos?!?!? Seriously love - mine are all gone (and I did share...but think I ate most of them) Quick question I have something Seussesque to wear?? I will celebrate by reading my favorite...GO DOG GO (ps do you like my hat??) giggling now ♥ Hugs the girlies & tell them Yaya says get well faster than fast!

  7. I love the lorax also, its so neat how they are releasing the movie on dr seuss's bday! oh and those cookies doe look awesome, I am a sucker for oreos.

  8. The Lorax was always my favorite Dr. Seuss book, so I can't wait to see the movie! I will probably take my kids so I don't look silly seeing it alone ;).
    So funny- I JUST bought a bag of those birthday cake Oreos at the store yesterday! I had some serious trouble not eating the whole bag last night.

  9. I just finished a bag of those Oreos! Man, those were such a sugar rush! I need to horde some and save them for a trail run!

  10. 1 - Our pediatrician has a different waiting room for sick kids. Thats one of my biggest peeves with doctors.. NOT having different areas.

    3 - I had no clue birthday cake oreos existed.. WIN!

  11. I saw thos Oreos at the store and was VERY tempted!