Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Whine

I am feeling VERY whiny today so bear with me!

1. I tried to run yesterday and it SUCKED!! My knee hurt so much that I ended up doing 1 mile with 1 minute walk/1 minute jog at 5 mph. I am not happy with this pain!! The crappy run was a real bummer because I WANT to run. really want to run!
2. OMG how my knee hurts!! It is killing! It doesn't hurt, but doesn't feel good when I I walk. I don't know what the deal is. It's right at the top of the patella. It feels bruised when I touch it. So I have been taking my glutamine and 600 mg ibuprofen and hoping it will stop hurting!!

3. I did FIRM Jiggle Free Arms today and I am WEAK! I cannot believe how weak my upper body is, I have definitely neglected it with running so much. So now I've got to work my upper body strength a lot more to get it up to par.

4. I am a spaz and forgot to pay a credit card bill. I always pay them online through my bank and somehow I missed a bill. SO annoying and just dumb. I try to be really organized with the bills and this just slipped by me.

5. Another pain related bitch - my chaffing.

Hurts like hell and is in a really crappy place since I do have to wear clothes all day long. Ugh!!

I think that is the end of my bitching!

The big plus for today is that I found something amazing at Target -

So yummy and one little spoonful is enough to make me feel satisfied.


  1. i am totally obsessed with dark chocolate pb. the white chocolate is amazing as well!

    friend i totally feel you on the knee pain. one of the most frustrating things ever when all you want to do is RUN! hang in there! i hope you heal quickly!

  2. I hope your knee feels better soon! Patellar pain can sometimes be "Runner's Knee"-no fun! ICE ICE ICE!!!
    PS great job on your half!!

  3. I have never had that pb but it sounds great! boo about your knee, hope it feels better with a little ice!

  4. Yum- that PB looks amazing! Target, here I come.
    I totally missed a credit card payment last month, too! It made me so mad. I thought I had set up the payment but I guess I had NOT- ugh.

  5. I LOVE that PB. I put it in my oatmeal every day.

    Some experts say to rest one day for every mile run in a race. I know 13 days of rest is really really hard. But, it's well deserved and necessary.

    Ouch for the chafing. Double ouch!

  6. Oh, no fun at all on the knees... definitely take some days off to let it recover, can you bike or swim? I have drooled over that PB, but haven't tried it yet, looks dangerous. :)