Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Being an adult sometimes sucks! It seems like there is always something that has to be fixed! Right before we left for Disneyland we got my tires rotated, but he didn't have time to balance them, the van has driven funny since so we got an appointment to get it aligned today. Yesterday the rear brakes started sounding HORRIBLE! It sounded like thunder every time I hit the brakes. Took it in today and I need new rear brakes. Ugh! I hate unexpected expenses. Luckily it isn't huge expense and I know we will be safe once it is done! I take back what I said about it not being a huge expense, because as I was typing this post (I've had it open for hours but have been doing other things) the shop called and the blah blah blah belt (that's what it sounds like to me because I don't speak car) has to be replaced too. UGH!!!

2. I ran outside for the first time since the half today. I felt really good. I was also surprised by how warm it was out, I am so not ready for warm weather!! I went out without any distance or speed plans, I just wanted to go as far as I felt like going and keep it slowish. I kept looking down at my Garmin and having to slow down, I was going way too fast! I ended up doing 4.35 miles in just under 44 minutes. My knee is a touch sore, but I took ibuprofen, glutamine and iced it and am wearing my MagGyver'ed knee sleeve (it's my calf sleeve pulled over my knee since my knee sleeves haven't arrived yet...).

I look gross, but I felt great
LOVE my Brooks running shirt!!

3. I bought the sample Click protein that I read about on Jess's blog and decided to drink that today. I'm a dork who never looks at the details so I thought it was just coffee flavored, not that there are actually 2 shots of espresso in it, so I made a double shot of espresso and mixed it all up. I'm bouncing off the walls now!! But, it was amazing and yummy and I really suggest that you all try the sample NOW!! You buy a single serving of one flavor and get another free, I paid just over 3 dollars shipped for a sample of the mocha and one of the vanilla latte. I drank the vanilla latte today and I am a believer!!


3 1/2. I signed up for my second half marathon. It's on March 24th and it's only a half hour drive and was only $52 after fees. Plus the medal looks cool and I will get a hooded sweatshirt. I am psyched! I am going to beat my time from last month! I'll post my goals soon.


  1. Glad you had a great run! I've been dodging getting things fixed on my car because it costs so darn much, but you're's safer in the long run! I was reading about that Click stuff on Skinny Runner's page...gotta try it!

  2. That half marathon sounds awesome! I've never gotten a hooded sweatshirt from a race before, but I would sign up just for that. :)

  3. Ok I'm going to sign up even though I am doing two in April!! Since they are giving a hooded sweatshirt....we should go together!!:)

  4. Love that I'm not the only one who gets excited over a hoodie. I stalk race websites looking for good gear. Too bad I'm on a self-imposed registration hiatus until after I finish this first half. *pouts*

    Thanks for coming by! I love getting new runner people to stalk. yea! Congrats on the half! Come May, I hope to be that cool.

  5. Congrats on your 2nd half... that's an awesome deal! I'm excited to see you beat your time, too! Hope the knee continues to recover.

  6. Since you seem to be so close, maybe we'll run into each other at a race sometime! I responded to you comment over on my blog by the way :)