Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Run and Fun

It's been a busy few days. Wednesday we watched Despicable Me 2, which we adored! Then we had burgers for dinner and set off all of our fireworks. Thursday I woke up bright (HOT) and early to run. It was over 80 degrees before e start if the race at 7 am. 


I felt great when I started, hot but ready. Then about halfway through I felt bad, hot and just spent. But I kept pushing, started taking some walk breaks and dumped as much water on myself as possible. I finished strong, not a great time, 1:03:32, but I did it. After we had to wait because my friend won her age group! Then I dropped her off and drove through Starbucks on my way home, then we watched the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Twilight Zone marathon. 

I also did this, which hurt like heck after running

We had frozen yogurt, which was amazing! Then we watched all the neighbors set off fireworks. Yesterday I hung out with the girls and then I got to go melt at work. I wasn't as sore as I probably should have been, which makes me think I should/could have run faster...
Today I ran and did my squats, man my ass is killing me! Now I'm catching up on quality tv before dance team auditions for the big girls, and then work again. I'm ready for a nap just thinking about it!

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